Friday, 17 June 2011

Spotty Muldoon

The Robin family have been very active in the garden for the last few days. The young one have been sitting around, waiting for the adults to bring them food.

There was a major change today, with the young ones very actively foraging for themselves. I didn't actually see the adults doing any feeding, but this may have happened out of sight. There may be no red-breast, but they are certainly very cuddly looking at this age. Not the colour and patterns of the tertials and compare to the next bird.

This bird stood out because of the pale patch formed by one of the tertial feathers. It seems to be very white along the top edge, but in addition the shaft also looks white. It will be interesting to see if this bird can still be individually identified after the juvenile moult.

I did wonder if a badger would come tonight, as earthworms my be a lot easier to find after, and during the rain, but it was here at 10.15 pm. It was raining hard and at first I reluctant to open up the sliding door, for fear of disturbing it. In the end, because it was impossible to photograph through the window because of the rain, I decided to gently slide the door open. It may have been that the rain was very noisy, but the badger took no notice at all. I took a couple of photos and then left it to it. I'm still hoping that mum will bring the family along as one did, six years ago to the day.

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