Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Has he poked his nose where it wasn't wanted?

After only seeing visits from the small female for the last few weeks, a larger boar turned up a couple of days ago and then the same or another last night.

I'm not sure because if it was the same one, in between visits it has had an altercation that has left it with a bit of nose damage. It is difficult to assess how old this injury is. If it is more than two days then it is a different badger.

It certainly wasn't an impediment in eating peanuts and it quickly finished it nightly allocated amount.

As I had managed to ease the sliding door open to photograph him I was now almost head and shoulders outside. Their eyesight really is poor and he didn't seem to notice me at all. He looks as if he is looking inside in this picture, as I am looking along the outside of the doors. I don't think it is really aware of the interior as the lights are out and only a large movement close to the glass is likely to be seem.

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