Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Than Just One

At the moment and until Monday there is an Exhibition of the art of John Hollyer.

Many things have changed on the Kent, and Sandwich Bay birding scene, but one constant for many years has been John's position as artist, almost, in residence at the Observatory.

Seen here in the exhibition, John has travelled extensively and as well as pictures of many of the birds and animals he has seen there are evocative scenes of towns and people encountered on these journeys. And of course there's also the pleasure of a good natter with John if you go to the show. I'm afraid that some of the colours haven't been done justice in the mixture of artificial and natural light, so apologies to John if any look a bit odd on my photos.

Cranes, of several species, feature on many of John's canvases, I rather think that they have a special place in Johns birding memories.

I rather liked this depiction of the strangely charismatic Bald Ibises.

As well as exotic places there are many local scenes from rural Kent, but I guess the Tiger is from the Indian sub-continent.

John is also a potter and some of his "three dimensional" art is also on show.

If you are local to the area it is well worth a visit to see John's the diverse work. Five of Johns black and white drawings were used on the covers of the journal British Birds, and he also won the PJC awards for a picture of Snow Buntings in 1988 (BB Vol 81, page 301).

I love this view of Fan Bay. A place I am very familiar with. This picture illustrates how the eye of an accomplished painter finds an essence in a scene so different from the photographs I've taken here. Thanks John, Pam and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

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