Saturday, 13 August 2011

The official symbol of Autumn

This little orchid relies on the generosity of it's landlord for it's survival! I found a few Autumn Ladies Tresses in bloom along the Leas at Kingsdown today.

With the seeming compulsion for short grass mowed in a nice stripped pattern there are times that this little beauty disappears almost before you have time to look at it. There are a few plants in the Paddock, and these risk being grazed by the ponies, but most of the rest are on the lawns of a few gardens. Sadly when they are in bloom it really does signal that summer is ending and the autumn is upon us. This year, more than any I can remember before summer seems to be departing without really having arrived.

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Susan said...

Not being able to control other people's mowing is so frustrating isn't it? I can just about guarantee that if I photograph something a bit special, the next day the commune or the farmer will mow.