Monday, 19 September 2011

Winter Draws On!

Last night the temperature fell to well below 10 deg C and it was still chilly first thing when I quickly went through my moth traps. I was quick because most moths didn't come out in the cold weather.

Common Marbled Carpet

There was a second brood Common Marbled Carpet, but as usual for this time of year Large Yellow Underwings were the most numerous moth of the night.

A walk round the Paddock, Freedown and briefly along the cliff top failed to find anything special, but there were still quite a few Chiffchaffs around, although not as many as two or three days ago. The sun soon warmed the air up and where it was sheltered there were quite a few butterflies still o the wing. This red Admiral still looked quite fresh and typically quickly settled on the warm bare earth to get the benefit of the suns rays.

It was also good to find Small Coppers on the Lees. I've always thought that this is one of the most attractive species we have.

Chiffchaffs are still being amusing, playing on the various water features in the garden. This one was having fun trying to bathe in the water coming from the middle of the stone.

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