Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shepherdswell or Sibertswold?

Shepherdswell is how I've always know this village, but when I came to the church I found that it is often called St Andrew at Sibertswold. This name is probably derived from the name of one of it's early Anglo Saxon proprietors.

Opposite the Bell Inn, on the other side of the small village green this gate leads to the well wooded church yard of St Andrew's Church

Although there have been four churches on the site, the first listed in the Domesday Book, this church only dates back to 1863.

Designed Benjamin Ferrey in 1863 the interior of the church is quite simple but does have a large collection of impressive stained glass windows.

St Andrew's is built of local flint with Bath stone dressings and is distinguished by a little spirelet over, but not quite on, the west end.

The interior is simple and consists of nave, apsidal chancel and little transepts.

The east windows are by the St Helens Crown Glass Co., and represent the Ascension and Four Evangelists. The south window of 1900, by Kempe, shows the Epiphany

If you live around here and think that you phone line is being tapped, don't blame Murdoch, it might be this Great Spotted Woodpecker.

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