Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A quiet walk

For the third morning running there were four moths in the traps, not the same species each morning, but no surprises. Being a clear and bright day I set off confident that there was something out there waiting to be found. My instinct took me to the Undercliff at Kingsdown but sadly, once again it failed to deliver. The one point of interest were at least three Fulmars that had returned to the cliff and seemed to be prospecting, There are only away a few months and, since it is always worth watching their flying skills, it is good to see them back. But no Rock Pipits and no Black Redstart, let alone anything the stir the adrenaline. I did listen to a gentle hammering, immediately recognisable as a Song Thrush with a snail at it's anvil. I though it might be a photo opportunity, but I couldn't see the Thrush. I was very close and realised that it mas under a very thick bramble right in front of me. I eventually emerged, and few a few yards, and went straight back into deep cover.

My second inkling was for a look at Langdon Hole. This, I'm sorry to say was no better, the only bird that caught my eye was a rather shy Redwing. Walking back to the White Cliffs car park, a Raven flew over calling loudly. It then joint a second bird, and they proceeded to circle and display over the cliffs that I'd left a few minutes before. So no pictures, but today I can't blame the weather, which was perfect.

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