Sunday, 15 January 2012

Confucius say: A good bird selects its tree.

Although the situation is very different to when the garden was invaded by the a huge charm of Goldfinches, there are enough Greenfinches, Chaffinches and sundry others to be emptying the feeders at an increased rate.

WHen I went out to top them up this morning I was pleasntly surprised to here the rhythmic calls of a pair of Coal Tits. Of course this is not an uncommon bird, but it isn't one that regularly uses the garden.

While I was watching one it raised it's rather paltry crest a few times. The Coal Tit has an enormous range, with over 20 sub-species, stretching from the UK right across Europe and Asia to eastern China and Japan. Some of the races in the east possess much more conspicuous, but still rather untidy crests.

It was quite confiding and stayed around for a while repeating it's "whit-chew" call, the Coal Tit equivalent of the Great Tits "Teacher, Theacher" song.

The absence of Sparrows for the garden has, at least for now ended, as a handsome cock Sparrow spent some time feeding just in front of where I am now. I did have to defend it's perch from some very determined Greenfinches, but seemed more than capable of holding it's own.

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