Sunday, 1 January 2012

If birding had umpires!

First, a happy New Year to anyone chancing across this blog. Let's hope that it's a god year, and that it get light tomorrow! If birding had umpires they would have had their light metres out of their pockets this morning and play would have been abandoned for the day!

There were a few, and it was just a few birds about in the garden. Both Chaffinches and Greenfinches obliged by feeding in front of the study, although these two sensibly kept their heads down.

Several Blackbirds were popping out from the shrubs to find bits on the lawn; my home made fat pudding was popular with them.

Even this normally smart Greenfinch looks quite dull in the appalling weather, but at least he got his head up for the camera!

Chaffinches always seem more comfortable foraging on the ground than balancing on feeders. Compared to the other finches they always seem to be unsure of their balance on the small perches of the feeders.

My Grandson Jack asked my on Skype tonight "What's your year list so far Granddad?" Well I hadn't really thought about it, on a day like today there's no way I going to be rushing round trying to get a New Year's Day list. I must admit when I added up what I could remember, I only got to ten. This is surely my lowest ever total for Jan 1st. Jack had reached twenty something, including a Treecreeper. If it's fine tomorrow I will try to stir my bones and get beyond the garden. The current forecast is good so there is some chance of seeing the Sun for the first time in 2012.

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Mike H said...

Nice to meet you today Tony, lots of good birds pleasant company and some sun. Happy 2012. Mike