Thursday, 5 January 2012

The man in the moon went home and the river went dry

I had a look at the Bay this morning in very windy conditions and was rewarded with a couple of Red-throated Divers not too far off shore. Other birds in evidence included a Great Crested Grebe, quite a few Auks, the only ones I identified were Guillemots, two adult Gannets not far out and a flock of Fulmars sitting on the sea. Dover pier was closed to visitors and I decided on a quick visit to Kearsney Abbey and the adjacent parks.

The water at Russell Gardens still hasn't returned. I assume that even with the rain we've had there still isn't enough for the River Dour to flow.

The lake at Bushy Ruff is equally dismal, with just two large puddles. I can't quite work out how the river is flowing through Kearsney Abbey, and where the water comes from? Is the problem over-extraction up river and if so what is going to be done to restore these two important sites, both for wildlife and as amenities for the public.

There were a few Mallards on one of the "puddles" along with Coots and Moorhens, but there was no sign of any Dabchicks.

I was a bit surprised to find a pair of Gadwall sitting on the muddy edge, there doesn't look to be much food present for the ducks since the lake more or less dried out completely at the end of the summer.

I was pleased to find a pair of Grey Wagtails on the grassy area nest to where the stream should have been flowing. Last year a pair nested near here, but unless water returns they are unlikely to do so this year.

Over the road the lake at Kearsney Abbey still have a fair amount of water and there were a good number of Mallards, Mute Swans, coots and Moorhens, but I still couldn't find a Dabchick. Along the river as it flowed towards Crabble there was a Little Egret enjoying the quiet conditions. Two Kingfishers sped passed but I failed to relocate them.

I could hear a lot of Goldcrest calling in the bushes but the river and after some time I got some views of this little sprite.

It seemed to get quite upset when I squeaked at it and raised it's crest at me in what seemed to be a threatening display.

(SC aka Kingsdowner do you know where the title came from?).


Susan said...

Awwww didums - that little Goldcrest is sooo cute :-) Very nice shots of it and the egret.

Pat said...

Ha! A real Angry Bird.

Kingsdowner said...

Re the title, nope, that one had me beat.... it seems we need a hard rain before the Drellingore/Dour starts to flow again.

Tony Morris said...

Bob Dylan, Under The Red Sky.

Phil Smith said...

good news Tony there is now a trickle of water leaving Bushy Ruff ,hopefully it will soon be a flood.