Friday, 3 February 2012

In every single apple lies, A truly magical surprise

Back in the autumn I collected loads of fallen apples from a large tree in my son, Simon's garden. Luckily I've an old freezer in the garage and I bunged them straight in there.

Now the cold weather has arrived I've been putting a few out each day. I takes quite a while for them to thaw out, but once soft the Blackbirds seem to enjoy them.

For the last couple of mornings the number of Blackbirds has risen to about ten, and proving I spread the apples out they seem to manage without too much squabbling.

I was surprised to see a Redwing join them this morning, they rarely come into the garden, and this one proved quite shy. I only managed to photograph it through the window. A Pied Wagtail was another of the less regular visitors to the garden that paid a visit today.

It was so cold today that I was finding it difficult to keep my birdbath unfrozen. Fortunately the pump on the pond kept going and this meant that there was some flowing water available. Again shots are through the window, and pretty well into the sun, but it was fun to watch. Blue Tits were almost continuously appearing, I have no idea what the total number might have been.

There were just two House Sparrows around, but at least there's some hope while they're around.
I only saw two Great Tits coming to bathe but there were more on the feeders. Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Goldfinches all joined the party.

Starling are the birds that seem to relish a good splash more than any other garden bird and they made the most of the "stream". I had hoped that something more out of the ordinary might arrive, but I had to make do with my apple eating Redwing.

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