Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Green shoots?

When I was checking my moth traps last night I heard the familiar "croaking" of frogs.

This morning there was the first clump of frog's spawn in the pond. As I move towards the pond the water surface briefly "boiled" before going still.

I waited for a while and slowly heads began to appear as they popped out of the water. I guess the date is around normal, but I hope that unlike last year we don't get a sudden severe cold snap that kills most of the spawn.

The other reminder that spring is on the way was the arrival of a pair of Mallards. Each year they arrive and make a lot of noise, normally turn the vegetation in the pond into a shambles and leave. Their visits are sometimes as a pair and at other times up to four males accompany a female in a demonstration of extremely bad behaviour. Today they didn't stay long and flew off quacking loudly. I expect they'll be back, probably with more suitors.

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Derek Faulkner said...

Tony, Ducks are one bird I deter from my pond, not only do they wreck it but they also eat the frog spawn.
Herons are always welcome, one day they'll finally clear the goldfish I mistakenly put in there years ago and who also clear the tadpoles at amazing rate.