Thursday, 9 February 2012

Old birds can learn new tricks.

This week is the first that I've seen Blackbirds hanging on feeders. So far it's only been the doughnut fat-ball feeders, but they may learn more new tricks!

Rooks are only occasional visitors to the garden, this on didn't stay long, once if found most of the potato skins were picked clean.

There have been at least two, probably three Pied Wagtails around. The last one shown was an adult male, I think that this one is a first winter bird.

There have been a few thrushes around the garden, this is one of three Song Thrushes that came down to drink. As I went out the back door this morning I flushed a Redwing from a bush by the kitchen window. It seemed very lethargic at first, but eventually found it's way into a thick hedge for shelter.

The Blue Tits have still been very active with up to four coming down to bathe at one time. There must be a fine balance between the energy lost from the heat lost to the cold water and the energy save by having the feathers in good working order.

The snow is hanging on, and although it has disappeared in patches, particularly where the birds feed, in other areas it is still several inches deep.

The front garden is well covered and the ice on the pond quite deep. The pump has kept the water flowing down the "stream" but despite daily inspection I still haven't been visited by a Jack Snipe or a Woodcock. There was a Little Egret flying over this afternoon. It did a couple of laps but didn't land.

This is the view today from the end of the built up part of Kingsdown Rood looking towards Kingsdown.

And this ids the view from the end of the football field looking across towards the Monument.

The football pitch, with not a white line in sight!

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Susan said...

We have a similar photo of our football pitch, although there is a lonely corner flag sticking out of the blank whiteness.