Monday, 19 March 2012

All fall down

Cliff falls are nothing new in our area, but every now and again one is large enough to attract the attention of the media.

This one, between Fan Bay and Langdon Hole was reported on the BBC South East news a couple of nights ago. The area of cliff exposed by the fall is certainly very bright white.

The view above was taken on May 13th last year. It is at a slightly different angle, but is of the same stretch of cliff. You can see the same left to right slightly diagonal line dropping down from the topof the cliff. There must be a good few tons of chalk at the bottom, but from the top there is little see.

As I was looking at the fall I was aware of the "song" of a nearby Stonechat. They're not grat singers but do brighten up the scene on a day when there seemed to be few birds other than gulls around.

A passing Peregrine did circle over me for a few seconds, but I didn't get the photo opportunity that some have had recently.

They're always a joy to watch, the big barrel chest and powerful flight makes them a formidable predator.

The Gulls seem to take little notice of them and don't afford them the reception they give to other birds of prey daring to arrive at the cliff top.

It was a shame the the Peregrine didn't drift by a such a convenient height and in such a leisurely was as this Jackdaw.

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