Monday, 5 March 2012

A really rough day!

Although today was about as unfriendly as it can be, with continuous high winds and driving rain the number of Chaffinches in the garden continued to increase.

This is a small part of the flock of around 100 Chaffinches feeding on the lawn. Several of my hanging feeders had come down in the high wind and I'm sure the buffeting others had from the wind meant that much of the seed was spilled onto the ground.

I have been hoping to find some Bramblings with the Chaffinches, I shouldn't be long before they start moving through.

What I did find was a single Siskin in the middle of the flock in front of the window. Normally when one arrives others quickly follow.

Not so today, once this one had flown in one of the frequent scares that spreads though the feeding birds I didn't see it again. Perhaps when the weather improves the more of the spring movers will pay a visit.

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Alan Pavey said...

Great numbers of finches in the garden Tony, very impressive.