Thursday, 16 August 2012

Normal Service

Sorry there's been little of late. Various circumstances have conspired to keep me away for the St Margaret's blog, Hopefully after the bird fair normal service will be resumed.

We'e heard a lot about legacy during the Olympics, but my concern is what legacy will we leave the next generation when it comes to the health of the planet. While we keep raising interested children and imparting proper values about looking after the environment we live in there's hope.

 Josh found the lovely Toad in the rocks of one of the garden fountains. He has  prodigious appetite of looking and finding thigs and learns quickly.

Jack, three years older is already a good junior naturalist and is getting to grips with photography.

The problem we all have is that when CLOWNS, like Boris Johnson, end up with a high profile because of the games and start pedalling his ridiculous idea of another London Airport, this time in the Thames Estuary the general public are likely to get caught up in his wave of enthusiasm. They must learn to think more long term and realise that he is a glory seeking self publicising egotist who should not be taken seriously. Perhaps the toad did remind me of my thoughts to day.

So endeth my rant for the day!


Derek Faulkner said...

Your description of Boris reads like quite a good description of one or two camera mad bloggers that are about at the moment.
I quite like old Boris, would quite enjoy seeing him as PM and the look of puzzlement on the faces of foreign PM's as they try to figure him out.

David Mairs said...

Well said, Tony.
I love sport but am so not naive as to fall for the ceaseless 'legacy' tripe with which we are being bombarded.
This will especially be the case if a knock-on part of the, ahem, legacy is the most environmentally-destructive development this country has ever seen.
Trust good old Kent to be the place to cop it, eh!
Talking of Kent, wasn't our contribution to the Olympic effort truly, utterly, gloriously pathetic - an absolute disgrace for one of the UK's most populous counties.
Still, it won't stop the gin-sozzled duffers at County Hall knocking back some more of the strong stuff (at our expense) and blathering on about Kent and the Olympics. Couldn't have done it without us, you know!
Back to the original topic of Boris, you've been far too generous in your description of him, Tony.
I've read a lot about this man and you'll struggle to find a nastier, more ruthless, more ambitious, more self-seeking individual in poltics.
Sadly, his wholly deliberate and carefully-constructed impression of a nice but bumbling Nice But Dim convinces many people, as evidenced by your previous respondent.
A long battle lies ahead, I fear.
Crumbs, I've almost written me own blog!

Tony Morris said...

Derek, for a person who I thought was quite astute this phoney bumbling ego-maniac has taken you in completely!

Derek Faulkner said...


I would not go as far as saying that Boris has taken me in completely, I would just be amused to see his eccentric style of presenting himself put in front of the usual boring old farts that rule this world in such a deplorable way. He can hardly be any worse than than than the current or previous governments, who see most pieces of countryside as simply something that needs houses buit on it. In any case I shouldn't worry to much about dear old Boris, as I have found many times on the KOS Forum, anybody that has views too far off the mainstream way of thinking is soon blocked out, the syncopatic tradionalists will always win out in the end.

David Mairs said...

"Derek, for a person who I thought was quite astute this phoney bumbling ego-maniac has taken you in completely!"

Eh? Is that me?

Tony Morris said...

No- I was referring to my friend Mr Derek Faulkner!