Saturday, 20 October 2012

A needle on the Bedroom Floor

Yesterday Pam dropped a needle on the bedroom floor and of course couldn't find it. I normally find things like this, but unfortunately it's usually when I put my foot on it and get it embedded in my flesh. So a careful search and I finally found it without the pain.

Today's problem was much the same, but without the sanction that failure meant a needle stuck in the foot. As I walked across one of the fields of stubble a familiar tit-loo-it call alerted me to the presence of a Woodlark (I'm so used to writing it like this that I forget what the now correct spelling, is it Wood Lark or Woodlark ). In fact two flew up and landed about 30 yards in front of me. I saw where they landed and slowly edged closer. The view of the stubble was not easy, it was like trying to find a needle on the bedroom floor but without the hazard.

I finally located the back end of a bird. It certainly looked like a lark and a Woodlark seemed to be the most likely.
When it raised its head the superciliums (or should it be supercilia?)  meeting at the back of the head, rather like a miniature Dotterel confirmed that I had the right bird.

The other bird had move into a area where the vegetation was sprouting. The field had some sort of beans in the summer. They were rather like broad beans, but I think they were used for animal fodder. I could see the back of the bird moving and, again, as the head came up, the long supercilium of a Woodlark was on show.

The light was now awful, it hadn't been good all day and it was now 16.15 pm. so I was quite pleased to get one reasonable shot of one of the two birds. This field seems to have quite a lot of potential, there were a good few Skylarks and Linnets feeding in it and with Lapland Buntings recorded in the area today I'll be checking it out again tomorrow (if forecast the rain relents).

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