Monday, 7 January 2013

Owl Patrol

An evening drive along the Ancient Highway, primarily in the hope that an Owl or two might show started with a quick scan of the Ducks off Deal. Although I did find the flock of Common Scoter in the failing light I didn't manage to pick out any Velvet's. I got as far as the Restharrow Scrape with no owl sightings and popped in for a look at the ducks, mainly Teal. There was another couple in the hide and within a couple of minutes a Barn Owl floating along the side of the reed bed was seen by a pair of sharp eyes. We all wen out side and watched it hunting on the field opposite. It continued it moth like flight towards the golf course and I decided to follow it. I caught up with it near Mary Bax but the light was fading fast and it stayed hunting along the bottom of the sea wall some distance away.. When I reached the Chequers I checked the old barn opposite and as is often the case a Little Owl was on the roof.

I watched for a couple of minutes and soon it was joined by a second bird. Two Owl species, but no sign of a Short-eared.
I thought that they might drop into the filed to hunt for worms, but they seemed content to sit and watch the world, so I left them to it.

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Kingsdowner said...

Good to see that the little owls are still at the barn!
I haven't seen them since the summer.