Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Is This the Thief?

We Haven't actually seen a Badger around the garden for a while, but Pam saw this chap earlier this evening and put out some supper for him.

I wonder if this is the peanut feeder thief? Three evenings ago, as the snow came down and the wind got up one of me peanut feeders came down from it's hood, hanging from a branch just in front of my window. No excuses, I saw it and forgot to go and pick it up.When I went out to fill the feeders the next morning I could find the feeder, and still haven't. There were some large paw prints in the snow, but I couldn't find where the feeder had been dragged to. This Badger could be the culprit. I only took this one picture, and unfortunately he looked up as I took it, hence the bright eyes.

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