Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring goes ahead in Leps and Frogs.

After a couple of false starts. when the only thing I caught in my moth trap was a trap full of snow I finally found two moths had visited overnight.

Neither was unexpected at this time of year. The Dotted Border above is a smart moth that can appear in almost any winter month but it peaks at the end of February and through March. As usual this one lives up to its name.

Another interesting named moth is the Hebrew Character. I know nothing about the Hebrew alphabet, but I believe this moth is named after the character "Nun". It is certainly is testament to the imagination of the early lepidopterists.
In addition to these two moths a Brimstone Butterfly also spent some time round the garden, but disappeared without landing. In the background the noise of the common frog choir was the first I'd heard this year.

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