Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A message in an Ice Cream Tub

Mothing remains dismal, I beginning to despair that it will ever get back to normal. Last nights catch was just seven moths, in 2010 on the same night I caught 73!

At least a couple of fresh Rustic Shoulder-knots were nice to see. Not particularly colourful, but the name has a certain ring to it!

At Coldred I stopped to see if the Man Orchids had put in an appearance and at last I was rewarded. I didn't do a thorough count, but so far there didn't seem to be many out on the roadside bank. This is 26 days later than last year when the Orchids were at about the same stage.

Back in the wood I found another couple of spikes, but no White Helleborine as yet, although I think I found a couple just emerging.I will check these out next week.

As well as spreading a few peanuts around the lawn, I normally put a handful in an old ice cream tub. That way I can get the badger in a good place to check his ID. I was surprised this morning to find a Badgers Poo in the box. Either he doesn't approve of his peanut diet, there were no extra tit-bits last night, or it was a late arrival who found the cupboard bare when he got there and registered his disapproval!

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jelltex said...

Lots of Man Orchids on Lydden Hill, I lost count to be honest.

we had a badger poo in the bowl we leave out scraps in.

A dreadful year for butterflies this year, really seen very few about; a single comma, Common Blues seem numerous though, as do Orange tips and Brimstones, but they never settle for me so I have failed to snap either.