Monday, 3 June 2013

Fight, Fight, Fight

I still remember the playground cry of "Fight, fight, fight............" as two protagonists sorted out some problem that could only be resolved by a punch up. Today a couple of noisy magpies alerted me to the garden version today.
While two or perhaps more Magpies noisily shouted from a tree, two others were locked in battle on the ground.
At first it looked like a bundle of feathers on the ground, but then they sprung to life and preceded to grapple in an intense fight.

At times it was impossible to make out which bit belonged to which bird as they tumbled on the ground.

Eventually one seemed to have the upper-hand and pinned the other bird to the ground, with a claw on its throat.
Such was the ferocity of the attack I fully expected that the dominant bird would end up killing or maiming its adversary.

In the end the grounded bird managed to break away and get to its feet, but not before it took a few blows.

The victorious bird seemed to, excuse the pun, crow over the vanquished rival before both flew of and peace returned.


Paul B said...

Hi Tony, similar scenario involving two magpies whilst waiting for a bus on Monday a.m.
They finally ended up together in the road squabbling as a car came along. One was slower than the other - ouch! Fatality stopped play.

Paul Bromhead

Tony Morris said...

Hi Paul, good to hear from you. Drop me an email sometime and tell me how you are all doing!