Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sky Arts, Portrait Artist of the Year

This Sunday, Pam and I went to the Sky Arts, Portrait Painter of the Year launch at Trafalgar Square. Our talented daughter-in-law, Rocio, is the Art Producer of  "Portrait Artist of the Year" and it was great to see the event being so successful.

The event was in three main, modern marquees, in the square and each was full of interest. 

 In the family area activities included Caricature  portraits, silhouettes, face painting and a small "theatre" for the Magic lantern Group.

When we got there Frank Skinner was having his make up sorted out. I think it was being removed after he and Joan Bakewell had been on stage presenting the opening of the event.They will be the presenters of the programme on the Sky Arts Channel.

In the Magic Lantern area we watched a good presentation, about Portrait Painting. It was mainly for children and successfully held their attention, and I'm sure that the adults there, like me, also learned some new things.

 Sam even got a chance to be part of the demonstration of a Picasso portrait that was full of the sadness, "The Weeping Woman",  happily the other portraits used were of happier subjects.

 I'm not sure what Eliot's doing here, it look as if he's sizing up his subject before he starts painting. Either that or he's inviting his daddy for a cuddle!

After being part of the demonstration of Picasso's techniques Sam was happy to become the canvas for a bit of face painting.
 In the main filming area various artists were painting some well know sitters. Here Robert Lindsay relaxed in front of several canvasses.

 Two quite different interpretations of Alison Steadman are seen here and several others were also in the process of being painted.

 Juliet Stevenson took a rest from her sitting, and interviews to chat with Frank Skinner, now the proud father.
In the third area, the masterclass tent,  as well as portraits being painted the well know sculptor Frances Segeleman
Pam had a try a digital art work on a tablet. My main worry is that she'd forget it was digital and start using her paint brushes!

We all had a great time but did feel some sympathy with the demonstration behind us, that acted as a reminder that not all is well in the world.

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