Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Faces at the window

I still have difficulty in working out how many Badgers are visiting us. For the last few nights two rather good looking youngsters have appeared, often within minutes of each other.

I know one's got a dirty nose and one hasn't, but they are about the same size and often seem to be each others company so I rather think they might be siblings. Even so they are fairly different in their temperaments. Dirty nose was a bit jumpy and not keen on hanging round when I had the door open and offered some more peanuts.

On the other hand, his cleaner cut partner was far bolder and even investigated my extra stock of peanuts on the door stop.
 After these two finished an old friend arrived, Left ear missing, when supper was finished so I had to replenish the stock and give battered looking badger a treat. I think that this older chap would feed out of my hand if I let it, but having seen the teeth I won't be doing that!

 After the Badgers this handsome Fox showed up. Foxes here are not like urban foxes, they are very, very cautious and shy. I was amazed that I was able to get this picture through a close window. Once the lens tapped against the glass and the Fox dahed off for a few seconds, but the lure of a few scraps had him creeping back.
A close up of the same photo shows just what a good looking animal it is. What a shame that their killer instinct has made them such enemies of anyone with small animals to look after..

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