Thursday, 17 October 2013

Window watching

I thought that an early walk along the cliff top might be worthwhile, the forecast was good and at first it looked OK. 

I hadn't got far when the sun creeping through a gap met the droplets in a band of rain heading towards me and dropped a great rainbow into the freedown. There were a few Chiffchaffs around and a perky Stonechat popped up, but as the rain came down the lure of a warm coffee at home got the better of me!

There are a lot of feeders in the garden but the little group of three, one fat ball, one peanut and one sunflower hearts outside the kitchen and utility room windows has proved particularly attractive to the growing group of House Sparrows now resident.

Fat balls are definitely the favourite and I seem to be filling up the feeder at least every other day. I actually took these pictures from outside, using my car as a hide. Although the sparrows seem to spend all day in the Pyracantha bush they are quite shy when the camera come out and won't feed if I'm right up to the window.

The peanuts are second favourite and this male spent a long time getting his fill. Strange that this food is mainly used by me for the Badgers now, who incidentally also love sunflower seeds if there are any on the ground.
 Of course other birds visit, and on its way in this Blue Tit stops to admire a piece of Pam's wall sculpture.

 The odd Greenfinch seeks refuge from the much more crowed feeders in the back garden to have a quiet snack in the corner.
I've got to say that looked at closely a cock sparrow is a really handsome chap, and it really is good to have this growing group entertaining me while I'm hard a work at the kitchen sink!

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