Sunday, 12 January 2014

Early Bird Survey!

Rise and shine for the Early Bird Survey!

Two Carrion Crows did arrive to too late to get on the official score card.

I got this instruction from the BTO a few days ago and this morning I did this early morning garden feeding survey accompanied by a nice pot of tea. I was pretty straight forward, essentially record the time the first ten species arrive in the morning. This morning was reasonably bright and it was just about light at 7.45am.

These were the first 10 species (plus one that wasn't on the BTO's list of interest), plus a few that arrived too late to be included.

1) Blackbird -several under the feeders at 7.20 a.m.
2) Chaffinch -  the first arrived at 7.43 a.m. followed quickly by lots more
X) Two Herring Gulls at 7.51 a.m., these didn't count as they're not on the BTO list.
3) Dunnock 7.52 a.m. the first of several around the dropping zone.
4) House Sparrow 7.53 a.m. Up to seven on the Sparrow feeders by the kitchen window.
5) Goldfinch 7.57 a.m.. The first arrival, quickly followed by around 20.
6) Woodpigeon 8.03 a.m. Two dropped out of the trees to forage under the feeders.
7) Collared Dove 8.03 a.m. arrived at the same time as the Woodies.
8) Magpie, 8.08 a.m.Two arrived.
9) Greenfinch 8.12 a.m.Only two, number are quite low at the moment
10) Blue Tit 8.15 a.m.Only just in time to get on the team sheet

On the subs bench were
11) Carrion Crow  8.29 a.m.
12) Starling 8.40a.m.
13) Great Tit  8.45 a.m.
14) Robin  8.50 a.m.

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