Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Cricket Teal

The Garganey is the only duck breeding in the UK that spends its winter in Africa. There are a lot of drake ducks that have a smart summer outfit, but in my opinion the Garganey is the tops. Below is a series that I took at the Restharrow Scrape today.

One of the old country names for this duck is the cricket teal, presumably so named because of its strange call.
The North Italian name is garganello, an onomatopoeic name "garg" echoing the raucous call.

The water level on the scrape has dropped enough for a few inches of the depth post to be showing.


Steve Gale said...

Lovely set of shots Tony. Makes me want to get out and see one for myself this weekend. Now, where have I hidden my bins?

Paul B said...

Superb pics Tony, plus the pics of the peregrine recently, several of which were outstanding in my humble opinion.
Paul Bromhead

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Steve and Paul. Good to hear from you Paul. I hope you, Trish and the girls are well.