Thursday, 1 May 2014

Does Purple go with Yellow? you bet it does!

The chalk grasslands on the downs at Lydden are one of my favourite places when the Orchids are in flower. After a walk around the Lydden end of the NNR on Tuesday, marvelling at the number of Early Spider Orchids this year I visited another meadow near by. 

This glorious slope is full of Cowslips and Early Purple Orchids. 

Cowslips and Early Purple Orchids.

Cowslips and Early Purple Orchids.


Early Purple Orchid
 I found a couple of spikes of Early Purple Orchids that were pretty well white (with just a touch of pink?).

 "White" Early Purple Orchid

"White" Early Purple Orchid


Derek Faulkner said...

What a fabulous site Tony, it looks quite breath-taking.

Dorne Whale said...

Hello Tony. What fabulous pictures and a lovely site. Inspirational.