Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Peregrine in the mist.

Once the fog had lifted in the garden I decided to walk along the cliff top, in the hope that the weather had brought us some migrants.

The weather was still very misty when |I arrived at the cliff top and there was no view out to sea. Overhead the air was full of House Martins and Swallows. As is often the case they were moving north along the coast in these conditions. I estimated they were passing at a rate of 50-60 a minute and the proportions were about 2:1 Martins to Swallows. One of the Peregrines seemed to be watching the birds streaming over, as I was, but showed no inclination to join them.

Things were mostly quiet as I walked along. A small flock of Linnets fed on the edge of the big field and a Whinchat popped up and down from the fence to the ground in pursuit of its prey. At Hope Point a few birds moved in the bushes, but like the Blackcap above, seemed content to stay hidden from view. In the end I had a good walk but failed to find a significant avian visitor.

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