Wednesday, 9 December 2015

One bird with long legs and ...............

Today was Pam's birthday, it was the same digits as when we met, in 1962, but they are the other way round.

The day was unfortunately damp and dull, It didn't get get light at all, but the evening was great and when we walked down to the White Cliffs Hotel the sky was clear and the stars were bright.  A couple of drinks and a celebratory dinner later and to our surprise it was still a clear sky.  

This bird is one with long legs and one of the highlights of our Paraguay trip. The Black-legged Seriema appears to be the South American equivalent of a smallish Bustard.


Derek Faulkner said...

1962, that summer saw me leaving school, aged 15. You two have done incredibly well and full marks to Pam for having her photo displayed on your blob, most women probably wouldn't of.
Good luck to the both of you and a hope that there are as many such good years yet to come.

Tony Morris said...

thank you Derek. I think we met the week the Beatles "Love me do" entered the charts! By the way, she doesn't know she's on the blog!