Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cold dry Westerly Wind!

Most of the time I spend out and about in the area is on the Bockhill side of the bay. This is not because the area of South Foreland Valley and Langdon Cliffs is uninteresting but mainly because the area is more accessible from the house and the layout makes it easier to work.

The walk from the lighthouse to the White Cliffs car park is one of the most stunning in the area. The cliffs are very high and are perhaps the most iconic landmark in the country.  Today the wind, about 14 mph  SSW was surprisingly cold. I seem to remember learning about Warm, wet.westerly winds in winter. It was neither wet or warm this afternoon.

As you get to Langdon Hole Dover Harbour dominates the distant coast line.  High on the right, one of the entrances to the underground tunnels is visible.

As I walked along the deep resonant honk floated up and alerted me a minute or so later two Ravens drifted past. It is amazing that they are now a familiar part of the cliff walk experience,consdering they have only been back in Kent for around 9 years after an 110 year absence.

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Derek Faulkner said...

We're even seeing Ravens on Sheppey fairly regularly now, I had a pair a couple of days ago. Just need some Red Kites now.