Monday, 22 February 2016

Frogs and Crows

A few pictures from the garden. I'm always pleased when a Jay appears. I realise that they are a common species but a close look at one shows that it is one of the most stunning birds we have.

 A few times I've been asked by some one about an exotic bird that they have seen in their garden. Close examination of the facts normally shows that the bird in question is a Jay. 

I was watching a rather smart Carrion Crow in the garden this morning. Often they are dismissed as plain boring birds, but a close inspection shows that they have a fantastic gloss to their feathers and the individual feathers made a fantastic pattern on the wings and back.

I've been watch the ponds for a few days,as I have been anticipating the arrival of frogs for the annual mass spawning. Up until today there have been none. I looked out of the window today and trained my binoculars on the pond. There were loads of eyes poking out of the water. When I ventured out there I could hear the croaking, but as I approached with a camera most immediately disappeared below the surface. Two  remained for a picture, and as it was cold and drizzly I decided that would have to do for today. 


Derek Faulkner said...

Noticed my first lot of frog spawn in my pond today, unfortunately it's likely to freeze over tonight.

Tony Morris said...

Derek, every year Pam says they're too early and inevitably the frost comes and most of the spawn appears to die. Come the next year the pond is full of frogs and the process repeats. It seems to me that their strategy works pretty well.

Derek Faulkner said...

Well the first lot I have collected in a bucket of pond water and will keep frost free, though not warm.