Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Moth Visitors

At this time of year the number of moths visiting my moth traps is much lower than in mid-summer, but it is alos a good time for some unusual migrants. I've been moaning for ages that almost everyone else in East Kent has caught at least one Clifden Nonpareil. Pam even saw one a while ago when I was abroad and Phil Chantler released one by the Monument. Last night should put a stop to my moans, well on this subject anyway. A couple of quick pictures, it is a bit battered, but I'm not complaining.
Clifden Nonpareil

Clifden Nonpareil.

Another of the striking visitors is the Four-spotted Footman. It is called four-spotted because of the pattern on the female. However all the visitors to my garden (except for one) have been males, that lack the spots but are strikingly marked.

2x Four-spotted Footman

Four-spotted Footman

Four-spotted Footman

A rather more subtly patterned moth, the Delicate is appropriately named and one of my favourites.

The Delicate

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