Monday, 29 January 2018

A wandering Pintail mystery

The Drake Pintail is back at Kearsney Abbey. I photographed it here last year, Phil Smith might know how many years it has appeared here and if it has an interesting provenance. One of Black-headed Gulls seems to be getting its black (brown in reality) head. A walk through to Bush Ruff failed to produce a Kingfisher or Grey Wagtail. Most of the Black-headed Gulls were adults with one or two first winter birds.

 Drake Pintail

 Adult Black-headed Gull, starting to gain summer plumage

 Russell Gardens

First winter Black-headed Gull


Phil Smith said...

As far as I know Tony it turned up in November 2016 and stayed most of the winter then reappeared about the same time in 2017.

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Phil, I appears "whole" but rather tamer thanmost wild Pintails.