Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Walking in the sunshine

A beautiful day and a walk along Kingsdown Road,down to Bockhill Farm and then back past the Gun Site to home.

 St Margaret's first vineyard is looking neat.
 Lets hope that it will be a vintage year when it is ready to produce!

 A walk along Kingsdown Road towards the horse paddocks

 A wonderful day for a walk and great views across towards Kingsdown.

 Although I could hear Yellowhammers calling from the hedge I was unable to get a view of them, Towards the back of the paddock a Green wood pecker was picking away, probably feeding on ants.

He didn't like me pointing my camera pointing in his direction and he shot off to the hedge.

Further along looking over Bockhill farm.

In the distance looking towards the golf course and the sea.

This may look like a large pile of poo, which it is, but it is always worth investigating as often there are birds around feeding on the insects that are present. In this case I only found two Meadow Pipits, a Skylark and a Magpie, but it is still worth checking.

 A few Black-headed Gulls quartered the field, this is a first winter bird.

Looking across to the sea, the nearest trees on the right are the remnants of an old hedge, known by the Bockhill birders as Orchid Bottom, and on the right is the "Empty Wood".

Walking back from the farm Chaffinches were prominent, and easy to photo, while a couple of Goldcrests were elusive.

Noisy Great Tits, and blue Tits were gathering, probably ready to go to roost.

Looking back to the village , across the football field with our garden in the distance.

St Margaret'sChurch in the distance.

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Derek Faulkner said...

That was an enjoyable photographic walk round with you Tony.