Wednesday, 20 December 2006


Fro my study window I can see the comings and goings of birds in the back garden. When I see all the feeding birds disappear into the bushes it normally means a Sparrowhawk is about. Sometimes on comes and perches in the tree in front of me and I get the chance to photograph this beautiful predator. Some people may find raw nature difficult to accept. Yes Sparrowhawks do take other birds as items of prey, but this is a natural process that leads to a balance that is natural. Unfortunately other predators are not natural. The introduced Grey Squirrel does a huge amount of damage to the number of our garden birds by destroying nests and egging young and eggs, in addition is the huge amount of damage the do to trees. I'd like to see less affection for this North American tree rat and more tolerance for our natural predatory birds and mammals.

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Josy said...

Who the heck has affection for squirrels? Sparrowhawks may be vicious, but squirrels are incontrovertably annoying!

...and vicious in their own way, sure, as you've mentioned..