Sunday, 7 January 2007

Lush Grazing in January

These sheep are grazing just about where the Royal Flying Corps took off from in 1914. Looking at this scene a few things occur to me. The extremely mild weather means that the growth of grass is amazing, you should see my lawn. Presumably this is an affect of Global Climate Change (often called, wrongly in my opinion Global Warming). The reason I say this is, that although the overall world trend is up, some areas may be much colder in winter, the British Isles being one, if the Gulf Stream conveyor is turned off by the melting polar ice. We will wait and see, or rather future generations will. In the background of this picture you can see the thin line of the Thanet coast, around Ramsgate, this is about 21Km or 13 miles away, and in between is Pegwell Bay. The sheep are all following each other which could be perceived as a metaphor for a group of people in Westminster!


Ackworth Born said...

Who'd believe we'd see this five years ago when foot-n-mouth raged.

Tony Morris said...
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Tony Morris said...

We Had a few "identified" cases in the area, I say it this way because diagnosis is still contentious. The area is a great for walking but many paths were closed