Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Garden Bird - Jackdaw

Each year, as nesting approaches, we get visits from the local jackdaws. Mostly they feed on the peanut feeders, I wonder if the females are supplementing their diets in readiness for producing eggs? If not why don't they visit as much, if ever at the other seasons?


josy c said...

Perhaps fresher peanuts are available across town at other seasons. Or perhaps it's a SEASONAL CRAVING. Humans with Seasonal Affective Disorder are said to crave carbohydrates; perhaps jackdaws with a similar affliction crave... peanuts!

...All right, I confess, I'm not a birder.

Nathalie said...

I love Josy's interpretation!
But yes perhaps other bays or foods are available at other seasons...

Pat said...

Nice pic of the Jackdaw! I've never seen one here in Canada. But I remember them well when I lived in Northern Ireland.

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