Monday, 19 March 2007

Bluebirds over.......

This was originally the Coast Guards station but is now the inappropriately named "Bluebirds Tea Rooms". Presumably named after the World War II popular song which was a hit in 1942:

There'll be blue birds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
Tomorrow, when the world is free.

The shepherd will tend his sheep,
The valley will bloom again
And Jimmy will go to sleep,
In his own little room again.

There'll be blue birds over
The white cliffs of Dover,
Tomorrow, just you wait and see.

Words - Nat Burton
Melody - Walter Kent
Published - 1941

It is an American song and of course Bluebirds come from America and the nearest are about 3000 miles away. Originally released in the U.S. by bandleader Kay Kyser, four other artists also hit the top 20 with this song that year: Glenn Miller, Sammy Kaye, Jimmy Dorsey and Kate Smith. The most well known version of the song on this side of the Atlantic is probably the one recorded by Vera Lynn in 1942.

There are three species of Bluebirds, I photographed two in California last year, Western and Mountain but Eastern would be the nearest.


Tegen de Wereld said...

What an enjoyable blog! Thanks. I've appreciated learning more about the village.

A. said...

My parents lived in St Margaret's for a good many years, first on The Droveway and then Granville Road. We frequently walked up to the Coastguards' station, and once, when my sons were young, the coastguards invited them in to have a look through the binoculars.

I must bookmark your blog because it brings back many memories, even though I never lived there myself.

Anonymous said...

"inappropriately named" - why? Don't go back into old fart mode please...

Tony Morris said...

Dear Anonymous, the explanation it there. You must learn to distinguish between litary artefact and intellectual rigour.

Anonymous said...

Just returned to this blog and see the author is still writing a load of old codswallop. The perfectly named Bluebirds Tea Rooms is a most delightful place. Visit it as soon as possible.

The blog author is also an artefact.