Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Modern St Margaret's Bay

Many of the houses in Granville Road have a colonial feel with nice balconies, others are more early 20th century but still have a comfortably traditional feel. This very modern house was built just a couple of years ago and I think that it is an intriguing building. I don't know how it is planned inside but the upstairs rooms have a great view over the sea and the "atrium" looks like a fascinating space. It's good to see a new building that adds a design both modern and eye-catching.
By the way, after yesterday's post, I discovered it's Dame Vera's 90th birthday to day.


isabella said...

Going over your latest posts, I realized how close you must be to Dover! Duh!
So I did a search on St. Margaret's and found a lot of interesting sites including this one:
I also learned that both Noel Coward and Ian Fleming had their cottage there...
Lucky you to be living there!

Chuckeroon said...

Dropping by again after a while elsewhere exploring the massive CDP. Grew up in Margate, so appreciate your photos (not forgetting the super birds stuff) as a reminder.