Sunday, 4 March 2007

Eclipse of the Moon -100th Post Special

Last night there was an opportunity to photograph an eclipse of the moon. I found it far more difficult than I expected, I hadn't appreciated quite how bright the lit part of the moon is. As this is my 100th post I decided to be a little self indulgent and post six images with details of the camera settings. The camera is a Canon EOS 10D.

The image above was taken at 10.30pm, it took me a while to sort out the exposure and how to get a reasonable image. Film speed 200, f6.7 for 0.7secs. All the picture were taken with at 100-400mm Canon lens at 400mm.

This one is when the eclipse is complete, at 11.15pm. The film speed was 1600, the exposure was for 2 seconds at F5.6. It is so dark that you can see stars in the frame. These weren't visible at other times.

This is at 0.14 am, real problems here with the contrast of the bright bit and the side still eclipsed. Film speed 1600, f5.6 for 1/10sec.

The burn out problem is bad. I hadn't started to under expose by loads of stops yet. Taken at
0.23am, film speed 1600, f 5.6 for 1/30 sec.

I finally worked out that I needed too under-expose compared to what the camera was reading, if I wanted any detail on the bright side. This is at 0.57am, still at a speed of 1600, taken at f5.6 for 1/1000 sec.

The last one taken at 1.13am, film speed 1600, f 5.6 for 1/4000 sec.

It is unusual with our weather to be able to watch an eclipse of the moon without any clouds interfering, so it was a great experience. The colours at full eclipse were fantastic.


Pat said...

Tony these are stunning, especially the second one. Congratulations.

isabella said...

Very nice presentation! We were overcast and therefore unable to see the eclipse, but thanks to you I haven't missed it!

Congratulation on your 100th, Tony! Having just gone through it myself, I know what dedication it takes...

(Does your expertise extend to lizards? ;-))

Susan D said...

What brilliant photos, especially like the 2nd one. I didn't get to see the eclipse last night but I did see one about 15 years ago, it's an amazing sight isn't it.

Tony Morris said...

The second one is the most attractive, it was also the easiest one to photograph, no light/dark contrast problems.

tut-tut said...

Didn't get such a great viewing here. Thanks for your photos, and also f stops and film speeds.

elizabird said...


Ame said...

Amazing moons...been a lot of them around DP lately! :)

I see from your profile you also like too!

Have any snaps of one?

Amy in Santa Clara, CA
(altho' it looks like Bristol and Bath and London at the moment...just got back from a holiday over there!) ;)

Stella said...

I just came past your blog by clicking "next blog", although coincidentally my mum has just started a Photo Diary thing. I had never heard of it before so I started a daily "click on next blog" thing instead!
Your moon photos are amazing. We had a clear night in Sheffield but far too much light pollution, so the colours weren't as beautiful as they look in your pictures.

josy c said...

You're right, these ARE good.

I unfortunately missed most of the eclipse. By the time I remembered, it simply looked like a quarter-moon.

I appreciate the patience it must have taken to set this up. Many thanks for bringing my attention to it!

Kevbo said...

Rad, thanks. I totally forgot about the eclipse, but it was probably cloudy here anyway. Glad I caught the last one. Nice pics, good quality.

Nathalie said...

Oooooooh this is just stunning!
Of course my favourite one is the red moon, because it's so unusual, but I am admirative of the whole series!