Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Possibly the Most Important Man In St Margaret's?

By mid-morning some of the birding group who have been flogging round the cliff top and farm looking for migrants have reached the point when a retreat to the beach is needed. As well as looking out for interesting sea-birds the reason for this is normally a cup of tea and a bacon buttie. At this time Brian, in the beach cafe, along with his team, becomes the focus of some rumbling stomachs. Of course all visitors to the beech make full use and the lucky ones can even get a chocolate flake in their ice-creams!


tut-tut said...

Is it warm enough for shorts? Or is he especially hardy?

Tony Morris said...

It was quite warm today, especially down in the Bay where it is sheltered. Mind you my postman wears shorts most of the time, it has to be really cold to force him to put on long trousers.