Thursday, 5 April 2007

Still Waiting!

Although the Northerly wind dropped to a very gentle 8 mph breeze this morning the weather was still sufficiently obstructive to prevent the rush of migrant birds to the Kent coast we've long been wanting. The weather was very spring like by lunch time and I saw at least two male Brimstone butterflies cruising the hedges at Bockhill. A bright edge to the cliff top is provided by Wallflowers, native to the Mediterranean they have long been used as garden bedding plants it is also a naturalised wild flower of rocky places and waste grounds and along the cliffs between Folkestone and Deal it almost looks truly wild.

I did see two things new for the year, a moth and a butterfly. The moth is call "The Satellite", I think this is a great name for it, derived from its' pattern, don't you? It was one of the few moths in my trap this morning.

This afternoon, in the garden the first Holly Blue of the year was visiting some cotoneaster, they have a wide range of food plants, not just Holly.

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