Monday, 16 April 2007

Three Moths

White Ermine

Knot Grass

The three stood out as an interesting trio in last nights catch. The White Ermine is really a grassland species, and although it stands out nicely on this piece of bark for his piccie, it wouldn't be a recommended roost position, I'm sure one of the eagle-eyed birds in the garden would be snapping him up in no time. The Knot Grass, a regular in most habitats blends quite nicely, I've always liked the small "targets" on the fore-wing. I think the Herald is a handsome moth, and so do the publishers of the Field Guide to the Moths of Britain and Ireland, as it is this species that illustrates the spine of the book. Just one on Richard Lewington's amazing paintings! The White Ermine is about two or three weeks earlier than what used to be considered normal, the Knot Grass a bit early but not nowadays. The Herald actually overwinters as an adult and can be around from March to May with the next generation in September to November, some of which will hibernate.

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