Monday, 16 April 2007

Two Birds

Ring Ouzel
The Ring Ouzel is the moorland equivalent of the Blackbird, with a white collar, which is somewhat subdued in the female above. In Britain most nest in upland areas in the west and the north, only coming to the south-east during their migration to and from the Mediterranean countries. It has declined as a breeding species in the UK, partly due to afforestation and disturbance by walkers and also possibly due to the milder climate that has enabled agriculture to expand and Blackbirds to move into areas previously occupied by Ring Ouzels.

Another of our migrant birds, although nowadays some don't bother with the journey south, taking the risk on the winter so that if they survive they can claim the best breeding territories and get going first. It is one of our best songsters and its' loud and strident song is a feature of our summer woodlands, parks and hedgerows. (this isn't the best example I've heard, some can rival Miles Davis!). The female has a reddish-brown, not black cap.

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