Saturday, 19 May 2007

Spain 12th May 2007 - Cadiz etc

When we arrived a Cadiz we parked near a church when many youngsters were recieving their first communions. I think the excitement had got to this Great-grandmother!

This park has some neat topiary, if you want a corkscrew for a hedge.

The Market Place was full of interesting food shops. Above Pam is buy various "sauages" for our picnic.

Then there were the very colourful vegetables,

but I'm afraid the snails weren't so appealing!

These three were watching the world go by and demonstrating the latest Cadiz fashions at the same time. Don't you love the leg wear!

The Catherdral is a wonderful building, although I didn't have a wide enough lens to do it justice.

This is the Santiago (I think).

The Cathedral Roof from the back of the building.

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