Saturday, 19 May 2007

Spain 14th May 2007 Alcala and Bolonia Bay

A group of Griffon Vultures from the terrace.

A young lesser Kestrel from the Terrace.

A male Stonechat by the dam at Emblase de Barbate.

Spider at the Sierra de la Plata (photo by Pam) This beast was a good 2.5 inches across!

A view of Bolonia bay, with Morroco in the background, taken from the top of Sierra de la Plata.

This Griffon Vulture seem to have young on the cliff face of the Sierra de la Plata.

This is a view of the Sierra de la Plata from one of the restaurants in Bolonia. In the evening we returned to the bottom of the cliffs and watched as Crag Martins came into the area quickly followed by several swifts. We were lucky enought to see at least four White-rumped Swifts and two Little Swifts, this is the only place in Europe whe the latter species is found. It seems that they disperse to feed but return to the nesting area in the evening. It was about 9 p.m. when the Little Swifts arrived. The light was poor and they move to fast, all I took were a couple of blurrs.