Thursday, 19 July 2007

Anyone for Tea

The Old Chapel stands near the junction of Reach Road and Sea Street. The building is about 100 years old and is owned by the St Margaret's Trust.

Recently the Chapel has been opened as a Tea Shop. It is run by Linda and Brian with the help of young adults from their Looking Ahead Project. They also have a similar venture in the basement of the Salvation Army building in Canterbury. Now that it's been cleaned and tidied up the premises look very smart and as well as the flowers in the tubs and baskets they are also selling garden plants that they have produced.

Inside the nicely decorated room there is currently an art exhibition with exhibits from local artists. As well as tea, coffee and cakes they do a good lunch menu, but be warned, don't plan to eat a lot for dinner if you lunch here. My plate had so much food I only needed a snack in the evening.

On a nice sunny day, and there may still be some to come, you can take your food outside and sit in the fresh air. Pam and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, and we noticed a couple of young Swedish visitors tucking into some very generous helpings of chocolate cake. It's good to see a new facility in the village, I hope it does well.

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