Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Chalk Grasslands

I was surprised that the big field along the cliff top at Bockhill Farm still had upright wheat with no flattened areas. Many of the fields roundabout seem to have large flattened areas after the wind and rain of the last few weeks. A spell of good sunshine and this might be a reasonable crop.

The picture above is looking north, 200 yards down from the monument.

Between the field and the cliff are areas of chalk grassland. Over the last couple of years the National Trust have been managing these by cutting the long, lank grass to allow other plants to come through. This seems to have been very successful, I've already included pictures of Pyramidal Orchids which have done very well this year and many other species make the grass a botanists delight.

Unfortunately I'm a poor botanist, so I may not have identified all of these correctly, I'd be happy to be corrected if you can see any mistakes! The pea family does well on chalk and it is well represented. I think that this is Tufted Vetch.

Red Clover

Kidney Vetch

Wild Carrot.

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Steve Buser said...

Interesting array of flowers.

--steve buser
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