Wednesday, 4 July 2007

A bad year for the Blues

If you saw "Saving Planet Earth" tonight you will have seen Cheryl Baker on the South Downs in Sussex looking at this beautiful Butterfly. The fight season is just about over now for the first brood and I didn't manage to see any. This was partly my fault because I wasn't able to look for them on some of the few suitable days, but more the weathers fault for being so awful each time that I did go looking. The picture above is one I took in the middle of June last year, when the weather was fine and they were easy to find in the chalk grassland along the top of the cliffs. I hope that August is better and the second brood is easier to see.

A similar story goes for the Small Blue. I've only seen one battered individual this year, the one above was photographed at the same time as the Adonis Blue. This species sometimes has a second brood in August so there is still hope that I'll get to see some more this year.

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Steve said...

Tony, I'm sorry I missed that programme. Blues do seem scarce this year, but hopefully the second broods will be more plentiful and easier to see, weatherwise.

I had a guided tour of Lydden Bank this week (in rain!) so I've been shown where the best places are.